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ID the Good Guys! Watch the Hands!


Fast Effective Identification!

Quickly Show You're a Good Guy with the Security Wrist Band! 

The Security Wrist Band or The Police Wrist Band


Identifying the Good Guys is difficult under the best of circumstances.  Working in a crowd magnifies the problem a hundred fold.  Badges are hard to see.  Sashes are bulky & costly.  You have a split second to decide if you are dealing with a good guy or a bad guy? 


The Security Wrist Band gives you quick visibility especially in a crowd.  To spot a threat - look at the hands!  IF you see a hand gun - you see The Security Wrist Band!  The Hi-Visibility Reflective Yellow band really stands out to identify you as a Good Guy!

Law Enforcement

LEO's love The Security Wrist Band!   Federal Agents, State Police, County and local Police - all have given The Security Wrist Band rave reviews.  

Easy to Carry

The Security Wrist Band weights less than an ounce and can be easily carried.  Keep it in your pocket, wear it on your gun hand forearm under your coat or jacket, put it in your inside jacket pocket.   

Fast & Easy to Deploy

Deploying The Security Wrist Band is a snap!  Pull up your coat or jacket sleeve.  Take it from your pocket and snap it on your gun hand forearm. 

Order Today!

Order The Security Wrist Band today!  Order in bulk and equip your entire team.  

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