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ID the Good Guys! Watch the Hands!


Recommendations from the New York State Task Force on Police on Police Shootings

The comprehensive study conducted in 2010 reviewing shooting incidents from 1981 to 2009 says most friendly fire incidents are preventable.  Clear identification is KEY. 

Blue on Blue Shooting Trends

  • No law enforcement group is excluded - a blue on blue shooting can happen in any size department in any type of setting. 
  • Most victims had a gun displayed and failed to comply with challenging officer commands
  • Some had visible Police ID's
  • Be alert to racial issues

Recommendations for Unidentified Officers

  • Do Not take action if there is an alternative, be a witness unless a persons safety is at stake. 
  • If you must intervene, notify local police, call 911, give your description, tell them you are armed and in plainclothes.
  • Display your badge prominently and frequently communicate that you are a police officer or security. 
  • Clear Police markings are recommended. (The Security Bracelet)

If challenged by an On Duty officer

  • Assume all commands are meant for YOU
  • Resist quickly spinning to face officer
  • Don't move quickly to grab your badge
  • Keep hands where they can be seen
  • Identify yourself as a police officer or security
  • Obey all commands including "drop your weapon"

If you are the Challenging Officer

  • Don't stereotype
  • Take Cover - Cover buys you time
  • Shout clearly "POLICE - Don't Move!
  • Broaden your focus from the gun to assess the situation

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